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  Rotary vibration sieve classification
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  1, in accordance with the vibration of rotary vibration sieve different design and is divided into:
A. Standard rotary vibration sieve: apply to all kinds of dry and wet sieving materials.
B. Strong vibration shaker efficient: strong vibration mode rotary vibration sieve is the standard type rotary vibration sieve vibration acceleration of 2-4 times the material in the screening process, to ensure that the same models can be produced by 2-4 times.
2, according to user needs can be divided into different gate-type rotary vibration sieve, add fate-type rotary vibration sieve to produce materials for stainless steel and carbon steel many.
3, according to the specific needs of screening material, rotary vibration sieve can be divided into one, two, three, four type rotary vibration sieve.
Vibration characteristics of rotary screen talent
Screening of the most extensive - only series of three million vibration screening filter function of sorting such a wide range of raw materials: any particle, powder, slurry can be screened. Sieving to 500 heads of small (28 micron) filter as small as 5 microns can also be highly efficient filter screen. Anti-mesh plug - three million vibration function and design of the Company to remove the released blocking devices put blocking Net Net minimize chances. Single-layer or multi-layer sorting - each series Screener filter optional one to five-story screen that can simultaneously Level 2-6 sorting or filtering. Accurate and efficient screening - all into the machine auto-emissions materials, machine no deposit material. The same sieve screen surface TS machines than other types of screening machines have greater capacity. Development of the Company's latest patent holder body Solid mesh structure so that from the plane containing material on the sieve sieve under物percentage than any other type of machine for small. Easy replacement of screen mesh filter series, according to the different needs of a variety of network structure; put the replacement of one of a kind of screen time dropped from 3 to 5 minutes, than other types of screening machines to save 30 ~ 60 minutes. Mesh live longer, more efficient. Vibration-free mechanical conduction Series screening of the new filter vibration vibration generated by the three million strong and smooth, equipment can be installed to any desired location and user-friendly mobile. Economic environmental protection - machine, screen long life, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs, high efficiency and easy replacement of features such as cost-effective equipment. Low noise, all closed, highlighting the environmental performance.
[Edit this paragraph] the impact of vibration rotation Screening factor
① the scope of appropriate particle size, material close to the boundaries of the particle size the more the more difficult when the diameter of separation;
② material moisture content increased, viscosity increase, easy to plug into a corporation or sieve;
③ particle shape, density, materials, screening is not easy;
④ screening device parameters.

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